Best 5 photo editing apps for android and iPhone

Getting great images with high resolution, proper colour balance and saturation is one of the most important things that content creators and Instagrammers need. In order to get an attractive and wonderful final image, you have to go through two stages: the first step is photography, and this is what I will explain in other articles, and the second step is to edit the image, which I will explain in this article.
Best 5 photo editing apps for android and iPhone

If you want to edit photos professionally and get very beautiful results that fascinate your followers, there are a group of applications that shorten you time and effort to transform your photos from wonderful to more wonderful.

  1. Adobe lightroom

The Adobe lightroom application for photo editing is provided by the well-known adobe company that specializes in design and graphic programs, which is a company ahead of its time due to the services it provides in its programs. For example, Adobe lightroom photo editor allows you to modify all the images you have, whatever their format, whether it is PNG, JPG or even RAW with the ability to adjust the colours, shadows, sharpness, brightness, contrast, resolution and many other professional options that make your photos more alive. It also contains a built-in camera in the application and supports the feature of sharing or importing filters, which allows you to share your own filters with your friends or even sell them to others. This application is used by many giant international companies due to its excellent capabilities, including the Instagram company, which uses it to create its filters.
This application includes two plans: a free plan with most of the features that you may need, and a paid plan for more professional features. It is available for Android and iPhone.

2. Snapseed

The second application is the Snapseed application, which belongs to the giant Google, which has swept the field of photo editing with such a unique application of its kind. It is small in size, easy to use, and provides you with many options for beautification, removing unwanted parts, and adjusting colours and contrast. It also contains ready-made filters made by professionals at Google itself. One of the most important strengths of this program is that it is totally free and can be used smoothly by professionals and beginners without any problems on Android phones and iPhones.


VSCO is one of the most important and best photo editing applications, as it enables you to add more professional effects to get impressive photos. The application is also characterized by its simple interface in use and understanding without any complications or problems. It also contains many ready-made filters and slow motion effect for videos, which is a great feature for phones that do not support this feature. The application contains two plans: a free plan that contains most of the options you need, and a paid plan if you want more professionalism. VSCO application is available on Android phones and iPhones.

4. Foodie

Foodie application is usually used to photograph foods, this is what we can understand from itd name. Surprisingly, this application provides you with more than 20 ready-made filters to use on photos of food, people, buildings and even natural scenes. It adds a unique artistic touch to images and balances colours in a wonderful and excellent way. It also contains a built-in camera with useful additions and options to get the best results. Besides, it always receives updates on a regular basis to provide the best user experience and editing. The best thing about the application is that it is completely free and available for Android phones and iPhones.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the oldest and most popular photo editing apps. It offers you 3 basic services, which are editing photos, videos, and collage. It allows you to share your photos with millions of designers to express their opinions on your designs. The application is professional in the fullest sense of the word, as it relies on artificial intelligence in its various services. It also provides you with a giant library of posters, backgrounds and images without copyright and provides you with a set of professional filters and effects that meet most of your needs. Which makes it a treasure for designers, content creators and photographers. The application is easy to understand and use due to its smooth and simple interface free of any complexity. In addition, the application contains a built-in camera that enables you to take pictures professionally with the ability to apply filters and effects directly and share them on social media without wasting time. This is what makes the app so popular among designers.
The application contains two plans: a free plan that contains most of the options and services that you may need, and a paid plan if you want more professional photos. If you want to download it, it is available on Android phones and iPhones.

This is the best photo editing app for android and iPhone according to my personal experience and that of other graphic designers. But if you want to get very excellent pictures that will impress everyone who sees them. Design apps alone are not enough even if they are paid. Because you have to add your own touch to it and you must gain experience and visual nourishment by following professional graphic designers, watching their pictures and trying to imitate them until you acquire your own touch.

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