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 Here are the best antivirus for android and iPhone to protect both your personal information and your mobile phone.

Best antivirus for android and iPhone - Hamraoui Tech

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you will need one of the best Android and iPhone antivirus apps to keep your phone or tablet safe from corrupted apps and other types of malware. Your options are not limited. The best antivirus apps for Android and iPhone not only offer top-notch malware detection and prevention, but also offer a wide range of security and anti-theft features. Most of them have a free trial, and some are completely free.

What are the best Android antivirus apps?

The antivirus apps for Android and iPhone provides protection to your devices by backing up your contacts and other data, tracking your phone or tablet with GPS, taking pictures of phone thieves with your device's camera, and even carrying them around. Use an OS smartwatch to locate your smartphone or tablet. there is a list of the best antivirus software for Android and iPhone based on many tests:

Avira antivirus

Avira app provides the best features of any free Android antivirus and they are all so efficent, easy to use and work as expected, Avira antivirus free scanner detects all malware samples on your devices, anti-theft feature, in-app privacy scanner, Wi-Fi I I really like Avira VPN, but 100 MegaBytes are not enough. All Avira premium plans are risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Avira's privacy scanner is one of the most useful tool, it analyzes all the apps on my device and alerts me when they access my contacts, photos or my browsing history calendar and even when free games on my device violate my device's privacy, even when I'm not playing them!

Personally, I think that Avira is the best free antivirus for mobile phones in 2021. You can Download it for Android and iPhone.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton antivirus is one of the best antiviruses for android mobile out there, it is very popular, it provides the device with reliable protection and security against cyber threats and maintains digital privacy and user security. 

The Norton application offers many services, the most important of which is Application Advisor, a feature that periodically scans installed apps and programs for malicious apps, malware and services, and more, before automatically removing them. Another feature is Wireless Network Security, which helps users scan the networks they are using for hacks. The application comes with a tool called Device Security, which provides strong protection against external network security threats and also warns of any fraudulent or malicious websites. 

 The Norton app is available as a free download from Google Play and the Apple App Store for iOS smartphones.

Avast Mobile Security

With Avast Mobile Security, you can strengthen your privacy protection and security, act as a remote firewall and be used against malicious viruses. This app has excellent scanning skills. We can limit the capabilities of this application as follows. It is free and has an annoying call blocker, and also has a data and information theft firewall with the ability to remotely block or wipe data from a device if it is lost, stolen or lost.It is worth noting that this app has a fee and cost at first, however, it is completely free, but it supports displaying ads, and you can remove these ads with a monthly fee or a simple annual fee, and the app also has one of the best blocking function applications by asking for a PIN before opening other applications, and therefore your device can prevent malware and dangerous program and viruses from accessing it, and can also automatically protect your online banking transactions.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Free is a powerful free internet security software for Android users that offers limited features and is very easy to use. You will need some permissions when installing the program and you will need to click the Scan button if you want to scan your device for viruses.

  Kaspersky offers good on-demand virus detection that detects most malicious files, but does not offer real-time scanning like Avira or McAfee. Kaspersky  provides also a free anti-theft protection including remote wipe, app lock, and selfie thief features like McAfee CaptureCam.

Kaspersky also offers remote alerts to help locate your device and protect yourself from thieves, while Find My Phone will lock your phone and let you track its location via the Kaspersky website, spy on your smart or desktop app, Kaspersky.  

Kaspersky also offers a smartwatch launch feature, which is pretty cool, but its integration with smartwatches is not as good compared to Panda Dome.   Real-time protection, anti-phishing, web filtering and blocking of applications in Kaspersky are available only in the paid version.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

This program is considered one of the best antivirus programs available today, not only for Android, but you can use this application on your computer, laptop, tablet or any Android device, here the Android version can be downloaded from Google Play. The App Store, since it's free, you can easily download it to your phone and enjoy all of its features. Free does not mean that it works poorly, on the contrary, the program has proven its effectiveness and power in excellent form. 

The program has a light and simple interface, so that all users can work with the program at any time without much experience. The setup of the program is very simple and can be accessed by any user without any problem, and the program offers many functions and possibilities that you can take advantage of when you download it. down the program because there are many great tools to help you protect your phone to enormous limits.  

Where will you find in the tools and settings of the program a very important tool, which is a privacy monitor that helps you protect your privacy from any type of spyware conspiracy that you may uncover, and the program as it has a web protection tool to you could easily surf the Internet without worrying about being exposed. Bitdefender performs automatic scanning after installing the program on your phone.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is also considered one of the most powerful, free and well-known antivirus programs on android mobile to reach great success in the world as it has been downloaded and trusted by millions of users who enjoy it. Its amazing features and capabilities make it one of the most powerful antivirus programs out there, it doesn't overload your device or affect its performance in any way.  

There are two versions of this program, one for PC or laptop and one for Android, it is a free application located in the Google Play app store, so you can easily download it anytime without any cost. Download and install it on your phone and the app also got a 4.4 rating in reviews on the Google Play Store, which is a high rating that shows that Avast is one of the best options out there. Choose the best one to protect your mobile phone.  

The program does an excellent job of removing viruses using a set of methods on whose performance it depends to ensure the best protection of your mobile phone against any malware. Any malware or viruses, and this application also works to ensure the complete security of your data. from any attempts of espionage or theft by some people The program can also locate your mobile phone in case of loss or theft, and the program is simple and easy to use, so you do not need any experience or help from anyone to deal with the program.

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