4 important tips to increase Instagram followers for free

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Increasing Instagram followers has become the dream of most users of social media sites not only to gain fame but also to promote their products, services or the content they provide. But many people give up quickly because the interaction on their posts is very weak and because the number of followers is few and not increasing. Therefore, today I will give you important tips, some of them from a personal experience and others from the experiences of other successful people on social media, which are the main keys to success in imposing your presence on Instagram and getting thousands of followers in a short period of time.

1 optimize your content

Improving the content you publish on your Instagram account is the first step to establish your presence on this platform and creat your first audience. Your content should be able to make anyone who sees it follow you instantly and this is the strength with which you will win the admiration of your fans. Also, you should be satisfied with one type of content so that your account is regular and your followers do not feel that you are publishing content that they are not interested in. But there are many excellent content creators who don't get a good reaction that lives up to their expectations. And here comes the most important step, which is how to show your content to the largest number of people who will turn into followers if your content is good enough.

2 how to reach more people on instagram ?

choose the right hashtags

Instagram hashtags help you target a specific Instagram users that are interested in the same content you provide and deliver your posts to them even if they are not following you. It is as if Instagram is giving you an advertising campaign for free. Thus, you will gain a lot and a lot of followers only if you use the right hashtags that will direct your post to the right category. In addition, hashtags help Instagram's algorithms categorize your content in a specific category, which increases the accuracy of targeting the right people to convert them into loyal followers.

use instagram reels

The feature of reels on Instagram allows your videos to reach a lot of people who do not follow you. This feature gives you the opportunity to introduce your content to the world and show your videos to people who may like them, so they follow your account and why not share your videos on their own accounts. In order to publish a successful reel video, there are several conditions that you must abide by.

how to make a successful instagram reel ?

Instagram reels are not for dancing or pettiness but rather to give value to your audience. You have 5 seconds to get the person's attention so they can complete watching the reel and not skip it. Therefore, try to make a quick, useful and short video in order to gain the admiration of the viewer and push him to visit your account, browse your content, or even follow you. Do not forget to also put an appropriate design other than the reel in order to be attractive and achieve more views and interaction. And this is what I will publish in future explanations.

3 post daily on instagram

Publish posts on a daily basis, which makes your followers' feed tops and increases their interest in your content. It also gives a signal to the Instagram algorithms that you are an active person on Instagram and you will have credibility. But do not publish more than one post per day, because that may harm your account and not all your posts will appear to your followers, and your audience may get bored of you and cancel your follow-up.

4 interact with your followers

Interacting with your followers keeps you in touch with them and makes your account stay in their memory. This ensures that your followers are loyal. You can also take advantage of their opinions to improve your content and your account and thus increase the interaction on your account and increase the number of followers in a very short period. And you can interact with them through surveys and questions in the Instagram story. If you make good use of this feature, it will benefit you a lot in staying in touch with your followers and converting them from regular or non-interactive followers to loyal and interactive followers.

Building an audience on Instagram is not difficult but it requires a little experience in some aspects. That's why I will publish many simple tutorials and tips that improve interaction on your Instagram account.

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