Is inshot the best editing app for android and iPhone ?

 Many of us prefer to document our best moments in the form of videos rather than pictures because they are more sophisticated and bring life. Even photography and video making has become the daily routine for many people to turn from a simple movement to a hobby and passion. But to make and edit videos, you need a modern and advanced application to save you time and effort and impress you with professional results. So, today I will share with you one of the best video editing applications, which is the inshot application.

Inshot - the best editing app for android and iPhone - Hamraoui Tech

Is Inshot video editor free ?

  Inshot app provides two plans: a free plan that provides you with all the tools and options you need, but with a watermark that represents the application's logo, and a paid plan without a watermark and contains more professional features for more impressive results. So you can choose the plan that suits your needs and financial capabilities.

Is Inshot a good video editor?

Inshot is a photo editing and movie making app that has earned the respect and admiration of most users. We can see this from the number of downloads on the play store for Android smartphones and the appstore for iPhone devices, and the high rating of the app on both platforms. There are also many of the biggest influencers and content makers who use this application due to its countless advantages. Inshot is an all in one app. It is a video editor, photo editor and collage maker. It has many media and ready-made tools that you can use in your videos. Inshot has a gigantic library of stickers, songs, and sound effects to make your videos more professional.
This editing app allows you to trim clips, alternate the velocity of your footage, and upload filters, music, and text. You can also turn and rotate footage, that's a accessible function that many different apps don't have.
Inshot app's size is too small, via which you can choose the size of the video to be like minded with social networking platforms which include Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and YouTube. It additionally helps a hundred and eighty diploma rotation for pics and videos.
All this you can do only from your smartphone, whether it is iPhone or Android.

How to use the inshot app to edit videos and make montage ?

  •   Download Inshot on a compatible smartphone, android or iPhone.
  • On the home page you will find a set of tools, specialized design tools for creating collages and to 9 photos. You can edit all these photos at the same time.
  • The photo editing tool is a special graphic tool for editing pictures, creating filters for them, resizing with the ability to crop images and write text on them
  • Video tool: This feature allows you to edit the video after selecting a specific video on your device, and editing includes cropping the video, shrinking the main material and changing the aspect ratio of the video, and sharing it with all social media sites that we have. I already mentioned this above

How to use “inshot” app filters ?

  • Inshot app allows you to use its filters with the photo gallery tool, which allows you to preview all the photos you have on your phone, with which you can click one or more to add a set of filters.
  • After selecting the photo, you can click on the design and then start editing images and adding a border to them as you like, whether it's a white border or a colored border around the photo.
  • As for the size of the image, you can change it by clicking the size tool and resizing it according to the height and width you want.
  • There is a background feature that allows you to change the background of the image.
  • Filters tool is one of the most important parameter by which images can be distinguished by professional filters, which gives the image a more professional look.
  • The Type feature allows you to write long formatted text on an photos, click on the tool and a box will appear where you can write whatever you want.
  • Finally, the crop and rotate tool: Frames are placed around the image after formatting or rotating, they change the angle of the image as you desire, from right to left, etc.

download Inshot video editor

download inshot for Android

Inshot video editing app is available for android smartphones. If you want to download it, just click here.

download inshot for iPhone

Inshot video editor app is available for iPhone devices, If you want to install it, just click here.

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