Why should I learn programming ?

 Programming is an extremely versatile tool with which allows you do amazing things that would otherwise be manual and time consuming or simply impossible. Then you should know that they all use some kind of programming. You've been immersed in a wide variety of programs that are running your life.

For example, you'll write a program that automatically reply to each new text message on your phone. For a message like "Hello" or "Goodnight", the program can read the message to seek out some predefined keywords like "Hello" and "Goodnight" and send an automatic response, perhaps something like "Hello!" What's happened?" without having to determine this notification. you'll be able to even add specific people to your contact list. this is often possibly the foremost exciting thing you'll imagine.

Why should I learn programming - Hamraoui Tech

Learning how to code does not mean that you are responsible for building the next Facebook or the next Dropbox or any other website like Hamraoui Tech site.  Go back a bit and see what these amazing sites like Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube and more are doing. There is a need for someone to suffer for lack of something. And then he dares to satisfy that need because he can. there is a way to get around this and make life easier for him and possibly others.You don't need to learn computer programming to solve the world's problems, but you can be very good at solving your own. Here are the reasons why you should learn to program today:

programming develops creative thinking  and structured

When programmers are faced with a problem that needs to be solved, they not only start writing code right away, but problems are not solved that way. When you see a problem, you need to break it down into possible pieces and then solve. Have you ever faced such a problem?Once you start learning to program, you will get into the habit of working in a very structured format. Gradually program your brain to break down each problem into parts for better understanding.
As Steve Jobs once said, "Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think.".
 You start to think logically and this leads to more creative ideas. the solutions you have already come up with.

Coding makes things easier for you

A simple computer program can change everything the way you want. Something that works when buttons are pressed can be programmed to do so with a single tap on your smartphone, or when you clap your hands twice. Yes, you can turn on / off home appliances using your mobile phone.
Suppose you have a task in an Excel worksheet to add the contents of columns 2, 3, and 4, and then find the average of the results. If you had to do this job several times a day, every day, it would be exhausting. Now, if you write a small program that can do all these functions at the same time, you will save time, effort, and become 100 times more efficient.

Have you ever tried playing chess on your smartphone? How can a lifeless creature, I mean, your smartphone is, without any shred of doubt, smarter than you? It's programmed that way - it's programmed to make the right moves on every move you can make in chess. The same can be said for any smartphone or desktop game. With programming skills, you can create your own tools and make your life easier.

Learning coding makes you persistent

When you learn to program, you start to see problems in the light of solutions, your brain starts to work that way, when you discover a problem after learning to program, you start figuring out how to program. you can even anticipate good results with it. Even if the problem seems complex, you are determined to take action.You become a solution-oriented person.

The programmer must think logically about the problem. Once you start learning to code, you will also stop giving up other difficult situations in your daily life. You start trying again and again. You become patient because you know there is always a problem. It just takes a little extra effort, like when you create a program, run it and debug it over and over again to find the perfect solution.

Computer programming is a very powerful tool. Even if you only know the basics of programming, you can imagine many solutions and actions to solve your (and possibly global) problem. Learn Computer Programming to feel confident with this powerful tool at your fingertips.

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