Top 5 useful sites you should know


Top 5 useful sites you should know

Many people spend most of their day surfing the Internet and visiting websites to enjoy the services they provide. Some are interested in sites that provide services related to study, sports, or even games and other fields. Despite the extensive use of websites, there are many very useful websites that provide excellent services that shorten time and effort, but their popularity and fame do not live up to the level of services they provide you with. That's why today I'm going to share with you the top 5 sites that you should know.


We often have strange questions in various fields, but we do not find answers to them. In this case, the best site that might solve this problem for you is Quora. This site, like other cumulative knowledge sites, allows you to ask any question that comes to your mind in any field, and you will get answers from experts and specialists in the field you want. It also gives you the opportunity to share your experience and information with the world and answer other people's questions.

This site outperforms other cumulative knowledge sites in the social aspect. It is very popular and widely known, which ensures that you will get a reliable, appropriate and convincing answer in a short time. It also supports the voting feature that helps you identify the correct and best answer to your question. You can also follow the people whose answers you like to receive updates about their activity on this site. In addition, at the end of each year, Quora publishes a book with the best questions asked throughout the year, accompanied by the best and most correct answers.


Do you sometimes get bored of the decor of your home or room and think that it is time for a change? But you do not know if your choice of colours and furniture is appropriate. Homestyler allows you to design a 3D model of your house or your room for free without the need for a design expert. It also allows you to choose colours and sizes and informs you if the colours are consistent and appropriate or not. And with 3D technology that makes you feel as if you are actually inside your home, you can preview the results before applying them on the ground. Even if you're on a phone, there's a homestyler app available for mobile phones.


Have you ever needed new ideas but didn't find any innovative idea? pinterest is the best savior for you in these cases, as it represents a giant library of designs, images, and amazing and unique ideas, which include all areas: design, decor, clothes and styles. This site provides ideas from millions of creative people for you to adopt. You can also adopt it as a source of visual nourishment to gain your own touch and elevate your taste. In addition, you can share your ideas on this platform to inspire millions of people around the world. You can also download the website's application for more ease of use.


Have you faced a problem with your phone, computer or any other technical device and had to move from one maintenance expert to another, but to no avail? ifixit teaches you step by step how to fix it yourself and at home. It first assists you in diagnosing the defect and then fixing it, and the explanation is accompanied by pictures to simplify the information and ensure your understanding of it. And if you encounter other difficulties or have questions. You can put it in the site's forum and people who specialize in the maintenance of home appliances and phones will answer you. But if you are an expert in this field, you can add improvements to the explanations on the site and help millions of users of this site around the world.

Tired of removing background images manually and wasting your time on it? site provides you with the service of removing the background of any image based on artificial intelligence only in five seconds and obtaining professional results and shortening the time and effort. You can use the obtained images in your designs without losing their quality. The site is very popular and has won the satisfaction of millions of users due to its ease of use and its simple and uncomplicated interface. If you want to use it more smoothly on your mobile phone, you can download the application for the site and use it comfortably.

These are the top 5 sites that you should know on the Internet, according to my experience and the experience of many and many other users. The services it provides are unique and have advantages that make them superior to their competitors in the same field

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