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Google Chrome extensions are one of the most amazing and important features of the Google Chrome browser, and while there are many other internet browsers with extensions, the Google Chrome extension store is the most important and rich one, along with additional features that they really will be full of. change the way you think about the features and functions you can get when you browse the web.

Best free Google Chrome extensions you need to use - Hamraoui Tech

In this article, you will learn about a set of tools (Google Chrome extensions) that will save you a lot of time and effort, open up new horizons for you in using the browser, browse Google Chrome more efficiently and effectively, and browsing the Internet will be easier, more useful, and more enjoyable. 

Don't expect to find only in this article a list of the best Google Chrome extensions, but you will find an explanation of what these plugins are and how they work, I will also explain the Google Chrome Web Store, how you can choose between the required extensions, how you can install or disable the extension or completely remove it from the browser.

What are Google Chrome extensions ?

Google Chrome or Google Chrome extensions: small programs added to the Google Chrome browser that change and adapt the browser's functions so that they are more convenient and useful for each user in accordance with their needs, their characteristics.

With these small programs, you can add additional features and functions to your own browser and perform new tasks. For a deeper understanding of Google Chrome extensions, pay attention to the following example:

Google Chrome is a specialized internet browser, similar to a car, with the main functions and features, namely: move to another location, have a steering wheel to control the road, there is a detector night light, speed controller ... etc.

But if you want to be more luxurious, easy to use and save time, you can buy a GPS navigator to install in your car as a guidebook wherever you go, and you can buy special camera for rear installation. vehicle to avoid rear-end collisions ... etc.

Yes, these functions are likely to be found in modern cars, but you can buy them yourself and integrate them into almost any car.

The Google Chrome web browser is the same, it provides you with a set of key functions, the most important of which is visiting any website on the Internet, saving the address of any website that you have previously visited for revisiting. , the ability to open multiple tabs, multiple windows, access date ... etc.

But with the desire for more features and options to save time and ease of use, you may be looking for a way to get instant translation of any word you choose on a website instead of copying a copy and pasting it into a program or location. And perhaps by clicking a button, you want to have links to all web pages that are open now for easy access later or from another device, and you may want to shorten the link with a click of a button in your browser.

These and hundreds of other features that you can easily access with Google Chrome extensions that are beautifully integrated with the browser seem to be part of the browser's core functionality. It is worth noting that most of the Google Chrome extensions are programmed from websites and companies that provide certain services and tools, these sites, to help their users use the tools and their services easier and faster, they program these plugins to work directly through the browser Google Chrome.

It's time to check out a selection of the best and most important extensions for Google Chrome.

Best free Google Chrome extensions you need to use

Before I start posting extensions here, I would like to point out that there are many Google Chrome extensions that cater to a wide range of user needs.

Some of these extensions are intended for a specific group of users, some are generic and suitable for most Google Chrome users.

So you don't need to add any extensions that you think offer something special, just add those extensions that you really need depending on your personal use.

Don't worry, after going through this list of the best Google Chrome extensions, I'll explain the Chrome Store to you and show you how to choose your own extension based on your needs.

1-Google Translate

A great extension to us as Arabic language with which you can get instant translation of any word you choose, and also you can get translation of any website into your language. The language you want. This extension is based on google translation.

After installing the extension in the browser, click the browser add-on icon and you will see a rectangle with explanations. In the rectangle you will find a link to translate the site, and below you will find a small link to configure the plugin. With it, you can customize your primary language, customize the appearance of the translation of words once selected on any web page, to activate it, select the second option "Show popup immediately", then click "Save."

2-Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly as a spell checker and as an English teacher watching you write, correcting and suggesting corrections. The Grammarly chrome extension works with email, web modeling and all types of online communication. Scroll down to the section that Grammarly identifies as errors in your email. you typed, and you will see suggestions for a different spelling, replacing it with another phrase, or correcting it. It's a very smart chrome extension and a great choice if you create a lot of emails or create a lot of written content online, but this chrome extension has features that aren't free because they require to renew subscription every month.

3-LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is among the various password management tools available, including the built-in Chrome system, and LastPass is praised for its ease of use and security. LastPass uses a set of private keys, automatically generated passwords for sites and services, only local encryption of touch data, and two-factor authentication to quickly and securely classify passwords.

The official extension automatically supports user access to the service without using the web interface. Just add your passwords to any website or application so you don't forget and protect them. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for keeping passwords secret.

4-Google Input Tools

Writing weird characters in the middle of text is always a little tricky, especially when writing in a language that the keyboard doesn't support. Google Input Tools adds a virtual keyboard or simple input panel for strange characters, including currency codes, Chinese characters, and emoticons. This chrome extension can even quickly switch between multilingual input using toolbar codes.

5-Google Keep Chrome

Google Keep Chrome Extension is a great extension from Google that will make it easier for you to use their excellent Google Keep service. This extension works offline, through it, you can save images from the web directly to your Google Keep account, and you can also save a website link when writing notes as you like, and you can also select some snippets of text from the web. page and save them as notes in your account.

6-Awesome Screenshot

This extension allows you to take screenshots in a variety of ways, including a screenshot of a section you can select, a screenshot of an entire webpage, or an explicit section of a webpage. There are many options to customize an image, such as how to write it or select a part of it ... etc.

You can also record a 30 second screen video and upload it directly to YouTube or Google Drive.

7-Block Site

There are many distractions on the site. If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to concentrate, you can try different techniques. Alternatively, you can take a tougher approach and block any websites that distract you.

Block Site is a chrome extension allows you to customize filters by hour and day of the week. It provides an extended list of popular websites, but you can also add your own sites by simply entering a link, then the program will not allow you to enter that site until you configure it. A plugin to help you focus and improve your productivity. ... Be sure to add Block Site from the best Google Chrome extensions.

8-Save to Pocket

One of the best chrome extensions that allows you to save and read articles anytime and from any device you have, and the best thing about it is that you can read your saved articles even when you are not connected to the Internet. With this tool, you can increase or decrease the font size of the saved articles as you like, and also change the background color of the articles.

9- Lightpdf

LightPDF is a very simple chrome extension to help you convert, compress, read, edit and other content on the Internet without having to download any software. It's a fast, free and reliable extension with over 20 free PDF document management features. Work with PDF documents and increase your productivity in business, school and daily work. The LightPDF extension allows you to convert PDF to other formats or plain text, or edit the content of converted files. Supports converting PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, PDF to PPT and PDF to TXT. In addition, it can convert Word, JPG, PNG, CAD, PPT and Excel to PDF documents.

Great chrome extension for anyone looking for a professional URL shortening service available through a browser. With this add-on, you can shorten any link to any site with just one click! A wonderful and indispensable addition for marketers and account holders active in the inevitable network. I'm not going to make this list anymore, but now I'm going to tell you how to get into the online Chrome marketplace, how to search for it and select the additional features you need according to your specific needs and how to install them. or remove them if you like.

Google extensions web store

As I mentioned above: There are many great and varied extensions in the Google Chrome extensions store or the Chrome web Store, and of course, each user needs a different Chrome extension. So, we need to explain the Chrome Web Store so that you can access any add-on you want depending on your needs. Although this part is very simple and any Internet user can handle it without giving a reason, I wanted to explain it to someone if they needed it. Click here to access the Chrome Web Store. After accessing the Chrome extensions Web Store from the above link, search the Google Web Store for extensions page. 

Above is the Chrome Web Store home page, and here's an explanation for each part identified by a series of clear numbers in red in the picture: 

  • when you click the gear-shaped icon in the top left, a list will appear in front of you as shown, through which you: access already placed extensions, change the language, change the geographic location, access the developer control panel (where you can add yourself), access the support page and leave a market comment. 

  • Any keyword can be used to search for extensions to access the required extensions. Chrome e-market has additions and also has manifestations that allow you to change the shape and colors of the browser to your liking. This part allows you to switch between them. 

  • Word "all" gives you a list of categories for which you can name additions accordingly (e.g., um, you can filter additions according to a specific function (e.g. as selected by Google, you only see Google schedule additions) they allow you to filter extensions based on user ratings (e.g. if you select 5 stars it will show extensions that only have a 5 star rating) This is a special slider for a number of extensions displayed on the homepage of the site interface.Only recently updated extentions appear in this part. 


     Google Chrome extensions are really very important tools, they will actually make using Google Chrome more fun and easy for you.

    Choose what you need from these extensions, and don't add an addition because you just like them, because some extensions may reduce browser speed.

    Choose from the top rated extensions, which there are a lot of users who use them. It shows that it's good.

    Now to start adding what you want from Google Chrome extensions, enjoy more ease and features in using your favorite browser.

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