How to use the new instagram reels to grow your Instagram account

Instagram reels is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers and grow your audience. That's why I posted this tutorial on Hamraoui Tech website to help you to use it the right way. 

How to use the new instagram reels to grow your Instagram

What is Instagram reels? 

Instagram Reels is a content format that allows you to create 15-30 second videos and share them with others in a new dedicated feed on your Instagram watch page.  

Instagram Reel is Facebook's attempt to compete with TikTok, with Instagram Reels first launched in Brazil in late 2019 and now available in over 50 countries on both iOS and Android.  

Instagram Reel is a whole new way of creating fun and engaging video content, just like TikTok, where Instagram users can now shoot and edit 15-30 second videos, add music, share their story suggestions, watch feeds and new videos, in the user profile, Instagram via the platform creator account explained that the scrolling tab is: under the Stories tab, instead of just seeing the scrolls of the accounts you follow as you scroll, you will see scrolls of popular Instagram accounts and favorites. 

 Although the video algorithm is still not clear, it looks like a TikTok page to you, which means that the content shown to you can be influenced by the people you follow, the content you follow. interact with. from and where you are.

Benefits of Instagram Reels for business

Instagram Reels is a new way to build a community around your brand and expand access to Instagram, a fun and fun way to quickly (and creatively!) Share yours.

 Instagram Reels is still in its infancy, but it's a space where brands and creators alike can do a lot as an effective way of marketing through Instagram, and digital marketing in particular.

 When Instagram Stories first launched in 2016, a lot of people said it was the Snapchat version and wouldn't work. But surprisingly, Instagram Stories surpassed Snapchat in terms of daily users and became an effective channel for brands to grow their audience. 

 In addition, brands should seize the opportunity to become the first creator on Instagram Reels, or at least one of the first in their field, by attracting a new type of audience and content enthusiasts. The content is quick and easy to understand * and there are many! *.

 Plus, brands can partner with new creative talent to experience content on the drums they create for a low cost! 

Besides: the browsing page has scrolling, space used by over 50% of your monthly breakout account. If this page shows your scrolling, it means you have a great chance to show your brand to new followers. 
 In short: a new marketing tool at your fingertips! Why don't you take advantage of this!

How do you make a good reel on Instagram?

We end this thread with some simple and important tips, if you want to shoot a special Instagram Ryles video in order to attract more followers, you must first choose an attractive background for shooting with special colors, and also make sure that you shoot well and that you can use for this, and don't forget to add some moments and modifications to your video until it gets better, for example, you have. You can try the effects that Instagram offers you to find a special and attractive effect from you. video.

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