Learn Instagram Marketing for beginners ( 9 important steps for better results)

Social Media has become an essential part of the lives of many people of all ages and nationalities, and Instagram has taken a big place among social media in a very short time.

Learn Instagram Marketing for beginners ( 9 important steps for better results)

Whether you're relying on a website, a shop to get money, whether it's a freelance business, a service or the sale of a particular product, marketing is your concern.

That's why the main marketing principle is to put your product or service in front of whoever wants it, so you have to market via Instagram, and take advantage of the presence of your potential customers or customers on Instagram.

But Instagram marketing is a special platform, not just putting some posts and photos in your account and it's over, so know that you're wasting a lot of easy opportunities and profits.

That's why in this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to market your product or service via Instagram correctly, with a lot of examples to make the profits you want from the great Instagram platform.

Why is Instagram a good platform for marketing?

This question may be asked by some, "Is instagram really worth all this attention?" Or others might say that Instagram is just a platform that brings teenagers together to view their photos and brag between their friends and family.

The best way to answer these questions and assumptions is by Infographic:

  • 500 million people interact on Instagram every day
  • 8 million business accounts on Instagram
  • 64% t of users aged 18 to 34
  • 80% of users follow a business account 
  • 30% of users bought a product because of Instagram

Instagram user statistics

I won't tell you to look at all those numbers you've collected from several sources, but you have to check the last number. 30% of Instagram users have purchased a particular product because they see a post on Instagram, you know what that means?

This means that Instagram is one of the most important tools that any marketer or employer, who wishes to market for or serve his product, should rely on, if not most importantly, according to many marketing experts in the world.

If you think Instagram is suitable only for foreigners, perhaps the next Infographic, which shows the number of Instagram users in some Arab countries in late 2018, and their main concerns, makes you change your point of view:

  • Egypt: 11 millions
  • United Arab Emirates : 13.7 millions
  • Arab Saudia : 13 millions

These numbers are constantly increasing, so Instagram should have a place in your marketing plans, whatever your business or service, whether you're a small shop owner, restaurant or self-employed.

Instagram is a big world that brings everyone together, whether teenagers interested in everything new, or older people who want to renew their lives and activity in various fields, so Instagram is one of the most important money-making tools online, which many people exploit.

I hope I convinced you to rely on marketing via Instagram, and in the next lines I will tell you the full strategy that makes you make the best use of this platform.

Now let's start taking practical steps to marketing via Instagram.

Instagram marketing steps

To succeed and become a instagram marketing expert, you have to begin first by following these simple but important steps :

1. Set your goal of marketing via Instagram

In the world of digital marketing the goal is everything, achieving the goal is the true meaning of success, so you have to ask yourself this question "What do you want from being on Instagram?"

The question may seem simple or naïve to you, but it is very important, and it represents a necessary step by the marketing giants of the world, let alone ordinary marketers?! You must set your goal with high accuracy.

Want to get new customers for your company, service or even your store? Do you want your brand to become famous and well-known among people?

Or do you want to use the Instagram platform to get traffic for your website, you might be relying on profit from Google Adsense, for example, and want to increase traffic?

Maybe you want to use the Instagram platform to provide customer service to your customers, people don't rely on phone calls like before, maybe your customers will take you to find out a certain information about your services and products via Instagram?

There are many, many other reasons, you may have one or more of these previous reasons to rely on Instagram, but the goal of this step is to identify these reasons precisely because they will severely affect the next steps.

2. Own business account on Instagram

This is a piece of information that I think everyone knows, which is that instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can't make a Business Account on Instagram unless you have a Business Facebook account itself.

Business's Instagram account has many benefits, all of which make you get a lot of information that will help you achieve your goals and the most important of these benefits:

  • Get information and analysis about your audience, and what kind of content they prefer.
  • Find out the best times to post on Instagram.
  • Link your official Facebook page to your Instagram account.
  • You can post the same content on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, saving you a lot of time.
  • Exploit previous data to make ads on Instagram.

That's why when you sign up for a new Instagram account, choose to have a Business account, and the rest of the steps are easy after that as you'll have to sign in with your Facebook account.

If you already have an Account on Instagram that you can easily convert to a Business account, click on the Settings icon in your profile and click on the check shown in the picture below.

After that, You'll be asked to link this account to the Facebook page you want (so if you don't have a Facebook page, create one, it's very easy)

3. Have a professional Profile on Instagram

The profile page is the conversions page, which decides who visits it whether or not to follow up on your account, so you should take care of it in order to get as many followers as possible.

a) Username and image

Let's first start with the image you use for your Instagram account, this is a very simple step, use your location, company or store to make your account special.

You can change that image at any time, so feel very free to choose a particular image, but it's best to have it in square dimensions (length like width), because that's the nature of the images that Instagram prefers.

As for the username (the name that represents your brand), this name is very important and you must choose a name associated with your domain, perhaps your location, company or personal name, and this step is also very easy especially at the beginning, because you can change that name later at any time.

But it's not preferable, of course, to change your username after you've created followers and made a strong profile, so try to choose and try in the beginnings until you settle on a particular name.

And don't forget that name is what people will use to search for you on Instagram and mention you in their posts, so make it as easy as possible to remember easily.

b) Bio

A cv is 160 characters that Instagram allows you to write some words about your account, these words are not important in the Instagram eye (because Instagram algorithms don't rely on them, so it doesn't matter if you use some keywords in them) but they are very important to users.

The CV must answer everyone who looks at it publicly asking "What will I benefit from when I follow this account?" and then decide whether to click on a follow-up sign.

This short CV can be modified at any time, so much is used to link some of their products, locations, store addresses or phone numbers, with Instagram allowing only one link to your CV.

That's why you can constantly change this link depending on your marketing campaigns and goals (Call To Action) or CTA, which is why many marketers consider your CV to be the best place for the CTA you want.

If you follow the previous steps accurately, you'll have a professional Instagram account, which will attract new customers to your business every day.

4. Select the quality of your audience on Instagram

Every business in the world has specific customers, and without going into somewhat complex details, and displaying some marketing terms that you may not be interested in, all I want you to do is paint a picture in your mind of your favorite customer.

This image will help you determine the gender, age and inclinations of this customer you dream of, for example if you are a clothing store owner, women over 30 may be your favorite customers, because they represent the class of mothers who have purchasing power and make decisions at home.

Identifying the audience you want to target on instagram will make your marketing campaigns very effective and effective, making you know exactly what kind of problems your audience is facing.

Let me explain this to you, for example, I remember perfume ads, especially international brands like Dior, Calvin Klein and other famous brands, you will always find in these ads famous actors, movie scenes and stunning views, all because those who want to buy a perfume want to have this effect.

In any of these ads you will not find any information about the type of fragrance or materials used in it, because this does not solve the problem of the targeted people, does not achieve their goals, people do not buy perfumes because of its ingredients, but buy to make an impression on others.

If you notice, the nature of these ads has not changed over the years, because these perfume manufacturers understand their audience well and know exactly what they want.

That's why you need to know everything about your audience, what they want, what problems they face in their daily lives, the goals they seek to solve for them, or at the very least use them in the content they offer.

5. Study your competitors on Instagram

You're not the only one who uses Instagram for marketing, so you have to study your competitors, especially at first, you may be confused about how to set up content suitable for your business, or you might want to know how people interact with your competitors.

Studying competitors will also help you know the market, the quality of customers who prefer these products, the services you want to promote on your account, and many other important things.

You can find out your competitors' accounts either directly (via websites or their name), or you can search through semantic words (such as travel or diet) or famous hashtags in your field.

6. The content you should post on Instagram

Have you ever heard of Sobhi Kaber, if you are an Egyptian and live in Cairo or Alexandria, I think you have heard about it, it is one of the most famous restaurants in the heart of Cairo, look at this post that I found on his official Instagram account.

Maybe you didn't expect to post such information as a restaurant account, that's what I meant to tell you a practical example, it doesn't mean that you want to market via Instagram is to post day and night advertising posts on your account.

This is also an example of a post on our Instagram account, which addresses and benefits the audience we target.

By the way: If you want to contact us and find out everything we do, follow us on Instagram.

The lesson here is that you should always think about your followers, try to provide them with useful information, educational publications, or even entertaining and funny posts or videos, your followers should make sure that your account is for them and not for you.

Your followers should feel that they are dealing with people like them, so you should post pictures and news about your followers (e.g. pictures of them in your restaurant), important information in your field or news, all of which will make them relate to you more and buy from you.

There are many types of publications, so we'll single out a full article about the types of publications that people prefer to Instagram, and how you get them to help you more and more achieve your goals.

7. Increase your followers on Instagram

There is a lot of way to increase followers on Instagram, and each method has a certain style, so as not to make this article long and because we want the information to be complete, we have published a full and detailed guide on increasing followers on Instagram.

But I'll give you some quick tips to increase your followers fast:

  • Use the instagram reels heavily.
  • Use Instagram Stories.
  • Publish at the best of times.
  • Use instagram hashtags.
  • Reply to all comments.
  • Use one color so that all the content you offer has the same character.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your field.
  • Publish at least 5 times a day.
  • Promote your Instagram account via other social media.

8. Turn your followers into customers

We've talked about CTA before and I've given you an example, but let me explain it more from your perspective as an online marketer, when you're putting forward any content or publication you want to reach a specific goal.

These goals should ultimately increase your profits, for example you want to get more followers in order to increase your potential customers, so your profits increase and so on.

In order to turn as many of your followers as possible into customers, you need to take care of what we call Conversion Optimization in the sense that every connection between you and the potential customer must be very easy.

We've talked about content before, and we've also talked about creating a unique profile that attracts people, all of which make it easier to increase conversions, but that's not enough.

In order to increase transfers, you have to offer a catalyst to your customers, you may offer them exclusive offers and discounts only on Instagram, and you can make quick contests for them and the winner gives them a gift.

You can also give some free products to some of your followers so they can try your products and share their opinions with their friends (and by the way you can use this content in your account as well) and thus increase people's confidence in you.

There are different methods of marketing, but what I mentioned to you earlier is the most widespread on the Instagram platform, but as I told you earlier, as long as you help your audience and provide them with what they want, their confidence in you will increase, and trust is the basis between any customer and the owner of any business.

9. Take advantage of ads on Instagram

The Instagram platform is affiliated with Facebook, and of course you know the importance and power of Facebook ads especially at this time, since Facebook has a lot of very complex and sophisticated data and information that it exploits in targeting.

For these facebook and Instagram ad campaigns are very strong, and I advise everyone to do so, and if you want to post a full guide to the work of successful and distinctive advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, leave us in the comments "I want a Facebook ad guide", and we will publish this guide soon.

Take advantage of Instagram before it's less powerful and influential in the near future, you know, it's impossible, and don't forget to leave any questions you have in the comments.

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