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Instagram hashtags are one of the best growth strategies to get more instagram followers as it introduces your content to lots of people across the world. That's why in my Hamraoui Tech website, I will show you how to use instagram hashtags effectively to get more followers.

how to use instagram hashtags to get more followers

What are instagram Hashtags ?

Instagram hashtags are a combination of numbers, letters, and / or emojies preceded by a # (for example, #). They are used to classify content and make it more visible.  

Hashtags are clickable. Anyone is able to click on an Instagram hashtag or searches for an Instagram hashtag and see a page that shows all posts tagged with that hashtag.

Is it better to not use hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags are an important way to grow your Instagram audience and reach more people. When you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page with that hashtag. If you use a hashtag in your story, you can include it in the story of the corresponding hashtag. also appear on the hashtag page.   

People can also subscribe to hashtags, which means they can see your hashtag posts in their feed, even if they haven't followed you (yet). Instagram hashtags can be a great way to build an online community so people are interested in engaging with your brand. property in their home.

Instagram hashtags can help or break your Instagram marketing strategy. Use them correctly and you will help your posts see more people who might be interested in your product or brand.   
But use evil, and you can really do harm, from annoying potential followers to punishing the Instagram algorithm.   

To use hashtags for Instagram effectively, you need to understand exactly how they work and come up with a strategy.

How to use instagram hashtags? 

Every time you create an Instagram post, you must include up to 30 relevant hashtags in the title. The reason you do this is to help people discover your content.  

 For example, if you upload a post that shows you sunbathing on a yacht, you might include # summer, # travel, and # yachting, among other related terms. 

 Instagram will sort your posts by tags. Your posts will be visible to people looking for any of these terms (at least until too many people download new posts containing them, making your post lower in the source). People data levels.

Types of Hashtags You Should Use 

There are many types of hashtags that you should use to grow your Instagram account and increase your followers:

1. Use Popular Hashtags to Increase Your Views

There are quite a few commonly used hashtags out there. However, it is possible to overuse the most popular tags, which means your post will get lost in the crowd. But there are still many favorite hashtags that can be used fewer times.   

Your post will appear in the search results of people looking for the hashtags you use. A recent change to Instagram allows people to follow selected hashtags, which will help increase the reach of your posts with those hashtags.   

Usually, people viewing a particular hashtag will come across your message; If they like it, they might even start following your Instagram account in hopes of seeing you create more similar content.  

 There is, of course, common sense: the use of a general but unrelated hashtag is not used.For example, you might have noticed that #summer is a popular hashtag these days. You can use it in any post that somehow resembles summer, but it would be inappropriate to include it in your skiing friends' photos. #selfie is popular, but you wouldn't use it in your beautiful landscape photos.

2. Use Highly Specific Hashtags to Reach Your Ideal Audience

You should also include small, highly relevant hashtags in your articles. Not many people follow these hashtags, but you know that people who are interested in them will be the perfect audience for your account. 

So if you are a photographer , be sure to use #photograpy in your posts: 806.060.709 people; Anyone looking for this hashtag is likely to be interested in your photography-related posts. 

Of course, you should also use #photooftheday and join the existing 955.180.046 posts. Depending on what is shown in your post, you should use an appropriate generic hashtag and then break down the topic into more specific hashtags, for example, you can use the hashtag #fashion food, but you should also consider using more specific tags. food related, like #foodlove, #dinnertime, #dessert, or maybe even more appropriate.

Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Posts

The idea of ​​using up to 30 hashtags per post can be confusing at first, especially when you realize that you cannot use the same hashtag block for every post. If you regularly post to your Instagram account, you need to build a rich library of hashtags to use. You must select the most appropriate group for each post you publish.   

Ways to find the hashtags you want include:  

  •  Use the search function on Instagram. Enter keywords relevant to your post and select the Tags tab.Then Instagram will display many types of hashtags. Finding relevant tags is not common enough with fair use to make your articles disappear quickly.  
  • Use hashtags used by influencers in your industry. 
  •  Check your competitors' posts and use the non-branded labels they use. However, before using them, check your posts to make sure the hashtags are not part of one of your campaigns.  
  • Look at articles that use hashtags and you will see success. What other hashtags are these posts targeting? Are any of these labels valuable to your brand?

Track the Success of Your Instagram Hashtags

Maintaining a business instagram account gives you access to Instagram Insights, giving serious Instagram users access to analytics and performance statistics that exceed what they provide to the average Instagrammers. One of the useful features of Instagram Insights is its ability to analyze the performance of the hashtags you use. You can see how successful your hashtags have brought you more views and impressions from your posts.   

To view this information, open the publication and click on the "see statistics" link below it. Among the data provided by Instagram Insights is the posting impressions by source. This includes hashtag impressions.   

While this does not inform you about the performance of specific hashtags, it does give you an idea of ​​the overall performance of the group of hashtags you used in your post.

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