iOS 15 : what are the supported devices and the best features

Apple formally released the new iOS 15 operating system for iPhone users on Monday, which incorporates huge upgrades to the FaceTime video talk application that makes it a contender to driving social applications. 

iOS 15 : what are the supported devices and the best features

iOS 15 included huge changes to make the executives aware of better spotlight on what makes a difference to the user, just as enhancements to climate applications, guides, wallet and Safari program, with more security and Siri openness without interfacing with the Internet. 

iOS supported devices

iOS 15 is accessible in a free update for the accompanying gadgets, and the elements are liable to change. A few components, applications and administrations may not be accessible in all locales or in all dialects: 

  • IPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini telephones. 
  • IPhone 11 series. 
  • iPhone X, Xs, Max Xs and Xr. 
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Max. 
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus. 
  • iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020. 
  • The seventh era iPod Touch. 

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Best iOS 15 Features 

Critical enhancements and new components for FaceTime 

Facetime video visit application in iOS 15 has gotten huge enhancements and many new components that make it a contender to video meeting applications like Zoom and others, most eminently: 

  • Spatial sound help: This takes into account a more regular encounter while settling on video decisions over FaceTime. 
  • Network View: This permits individuals taking part in the FaceTime call to be shown in boxes of a similar size on the screen, furnishing better discussions with a bigger gathering of users, with the speaker naturally featured to consistently recognize who's talking. 
  • Representation mode: A mode that gives a foggy impact on the foundation while settling on video decisions, giving a more expert encounter. 
  • Foundation commotion segregation: To lessen foundation clamor while settling on decisions, with a wide Spectrum mode that reestablishes surrounding sounds when there is critical music or sounds behind the scenes, for instance. 
  • Timetable video calls: Schedule video calls through FaceTime and get a novel connect to impart to companions, family, colleagues by means of mail and message applications or even WhatsApp, so you can without much of a stretch join the call by just tapping on the connection. 
  • Settle on decisions with Android and Windows users: Once you get a connection to the FaceTime call, companions of Windows 10 and Android users can tap on the connection to join the call without introducing any applications, calls that Apple affirms are encoded from one finish to another. 

SharePlay feature

It's another iOS 15 element that permits users to handily share content by means of FaceTime or while settling on decisions over FaceTime, where users with SharePlay can sit in front of the TV shows and motion pictures, pay attention to music, or even offer the screen together, which Apple says is another approach to impart encounters to loved ones. 

What can users do with Shareplay feature? 

  • Watch content together: By streaming films and TV shows while settling on a FaceTime decision with companions, with synchronous playback control, and consequently changing the volume so that call members can keep on talking while at the same time watching. 
  • Listen together to music: So users can share and pay attention to melodies together or make a rundown and add tunes to them, while sharing playback controls. 
  • Screen sharing: This permits iPhone users to impart the screen to companions or FaceTime call members, regardless of whether to design an assignment together or see photographs, and so forth. 

SharePlay content sharing works across various Apple gadgets, regardless of whether iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and anybody with shared playback controls can handle the playback of content, whether video or sound, just as the accessibility of the element through Apple Tv gadgets. 

Focus feature to avoid distraction

It is one of the most unmistakable provisions of the new iOS 15, which assists the user with centering and keep away from interruptions, by showing cautions and applications dependent on what the user needs to zero in on, so the user can enact center mode around work or rest or change settings by making a custom concentration, after which the iPhone utilizes man-made brainpower to distinguish alarms and individuals permitted to get cautions from them, and when initiating one of the attention modes on one of apple gadgets applies to different gadgets.  

At the point when center mode is enacted, the Messages application shows the sender that the user is in work mode or in rest center mode and can not get alarms. 

Live Text feature to copy text directly from photos 

One of the features uncovered by Apple during WWDC21 in ios 15 is the forthcoming Live message include for iPhones, iPads and Macs. 

Users think of it as perhaps the best component of iOS 15 coming for iPhones, permitting the user to duplicate message from photographs and effectively acquire significant data from them, including written by hand pictures, with admittance to data contained in pictures, for example, telephone numbers and others and the chance of settling on an immediate decision, and the element additionally upholds replicating message through the camera, so that, for instance, duplicates of the Wi-Fi secret key showed in a bistro can be replicated. 

Visual Look Up

It's an element that permits the user to get more data about pictures and distinguish objects inside them, where Visual Look perceives things and scenes inside pictures and gives data about them, like Google Lens in Google Voice Assistant, so users with a single tick can study books, renowned tourist spots, or a board, for instance, and work on pictures accessible on your gadget or over the web. 

Spotlight feature improvement 

In light of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE advancements, Spotlight gives more data to look through pictures as indicated by area, individuals, scenes, or items, spotlight presently permits look for web pictures and totally new organized outcomes for entertainers, performers, TV shows, and films, and further developed outcomes for contacts give ongoing discussions and shared pictures. 

Shared with You feature

It's a component that is accessible across various system applications, including Apple Music, photographs, news, and messages, so that a new common with You tab shows up in different applications, to see photographs that companions have imparted to others through iMessage messages straightforwardly inside the photographs application, just as to see joins shared by others by means of messages in Safari for simple perusing, a tab that additionally shows up in the digital recording application, Apple TV and Apple News. 

New memoji better express users

IPhone users with the new iOS 15 update can all the more likely articulate their thoughts through the image, by picking outfits that mirror the look and style best, including diverse headgear. 

New design for Safari browser and new features

Apple upgraded Safari in the new form iOS 15, making the Tab Bar more modest and lower, making it simple to access and giving the user more space to page, and furnishing the program with the capacity to gather tabs or pages open in a gathering like tab gatherings, which is one of Google's new Chrome highlights, and the new Safari includes additionally remember the chance of introducing augmentations for the iPhone, just as the chance of looking on the web with sound straightforwardly through Safari. 

More privacy features 

Supplementing its endeavors to improve protection highlights, iOS 15 offers numerous new security highlights, most prominently: 

  • Application Privacy Report: Which permits the user to see a set of experiences or information board for protection, like the component given by Google in Android 12, with the goal that iPhone users can see the authorizations allowed to applications, how they are utilized, and everything identified with the utilization of applications corresponding to security. 
  • Securing email protection: An element that forestalls user open following of messages, while forestalling email senders from following user movement, including IP address and area. 

Siri voice associate will play out certain orders without the requirement for the Internet 

Like Google's voice associate, Siri will deal with many voice orders straightforwardly on a similar gadget without the requirement for web network, so users can open applications and control savvy home gadgets and other O'Flynn gadgets, which likewise gives users more prominent protection. 


Special benefits for iCloud+ subscribers

Apple has returned the bundles paid with a month to month iCloud membership as iCloud+ at a similar expense without following through on any extra costs, with various new elements, most remarkably iCloud Private Relay, which conceals the user's IP address and geological area and goes about as a VPN administration, just as Hide My Email, which conceals the user's email address and depend on brief locations, the element remembered for both the mail application and safari application, video stockpiling from the Home Kit-viable reconnaissance camera. Securely. 

3 new features of the Health app 

Apple added 3 new wellbeing application highlights in iOS 15, which incorporates another sharing tab that permits users to impart wellbeing information to family and medical services suppliers, drifts that give users an approach to zero in on significant changes to their wellbeing, just as a mobile solidness include that gives another proportion of hazard estimating falls. 

Maps in iOS 15

Apple has added numerous enhancements to the Apple Maps application in iOS 15, most eminently a totally different encounter to investigate urban communities in better subtleties of streets, neighborhoods, trees and structures, with the chance of visiting sights in 3D mode, just as more precise subtleties of streets, for example, turn paths, trails and bike times, with an exceptional driving guide that helps the user see recent developments and traffic conditions initially, just as the chance of getting headings through stocks utilizing ar expanded reality devotion while Walking, Apple Maps is shown with another update of public transportation courses, stations and travel times. 

Translate texts via the system

iOS 15 components likewise incorporate improved Translate interpretation application, with the goal that the user can decipher system wide text from anyplace or an application on the gadget, just as give programmed up close and personal interpretation for simple discussions. 

New design for Weather app 

Weather has another look that gives climate data outlines, with moving foundations and guides showing precipitation, air quality and temperature. 

Facilitate data transfer when buying a new iPhone

Apple has further developed information move when moving to another iPhone (for example iPhone 12 Pro), where existing iPhone users can briefly back up information to iCloud — even without a membership — to effortlessly move their information to another iPhone, making it simpler for users to move to the iPhone interestingly. 

Improve Apple ID recovery

Apple users would now be able to pick at least one contacts to assist with recuperating the record and reset and access the record secret key once more, just as computerized inheritance, which permits individuals to be appointed as contacts who can get to the record in case of death.

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