Givvy : easy app to earn money online through mobile phone

You can earn money online using your mobile phone through the givvy application easily and safely. And I personally tried it, and you'll probably appreciate it, and I am sure that you love using it. 

Givvy: earn money from your mobile phone

What is Givvy? 

Givvy app works with ease and collect points from joining groups with the click of a button and in a second and you get points there are many What is interesting is the groups within the application, which you can profit from there by joining many of these groups. 

There is also profit by playing simple games, as the app also allows you to play games with other people in the app through the Internet, and if you win, you get points and you are equal.

 Half of it, and if you lose, you return the ball again, and so on, and the application contains more than a game inside it, and each one is easy.

How to earn money online from Givvy? 

The Givvy application allows users to profit by collecting coins and collecting coins through some simple games and also other methods. The application is available on the Play Store and Apple Store, how do I earn through the application? It is very simple, you install the application through the Play Store or Apple Store and then create Calculate it and then proceed to collect coins and exchange them.

 Givvy is entirely funded by advertisers, which means that you will be exposed to ads while using the app. This is where all the money used to pay the user comes from.

Withdrawal methods

  • Coinbase : 0.19 dollar (instant cash out) 
  • Paypal : 0.99 dollar (3 days cashout) 
  • Binance : 0.99 dollar (3 days cashout)  
  • Amazon : 0.19 dollar (3 days cashout) 

Download Givvy 

To download the givvy application from Google Play, you can click on the button below and download it with all speed and its space does not exceed 13 MB, and this is one of the reasons why you should download it and work on it as well. 

Download Givvy
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